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Air Admittance Valve

Air admittance valve for a healthy drainage system. A good venting system has become a necessity for a good and stench free drainage. It facilitates smooth functioning and keeps unsanitary water, foul smell and pests from entering homes. But, installing a bulky and expensive piping system or roof penetrations can be very difficult and even unreasonable at times. Ashirvad’s Air Admittance Valve (AAV) is an ideal fixture as it is hassle-free and also support a healthy drainage system.

What is an Air Admittance Valve?

Ashirvad’s Air Admittance Valves are one-way vents that allow air into the drainage systems and are activated by negative pressure. Since the valves are one-way, the do not enable reverse flow of water, thus disposing efficiently and getting rid of unpleasant stink. Air Admittance Valves also aid in a better air supply and a proper pressure balance in the sewage system. Ashirvad’s Air Admittance Valves can be installed in vanity cabinets, sinks, bathtubs, flushes, and various other drains. They can also easily be fitted on vent pipes and soil.

air admittance valve

How Do Air Admittance Valves Function?

Generally, the positive air pressure seals the valve in place. But, during the expulsion of waste or water into the drainage pipes, the Air Admittance Valves produce a slight negative pressure in the pipe. This in turn causes the valve to open and draw air into the drainpipe in order to balance the pressure internally and externally. This equalization ensures that the discarded water flows away from the source and also ensures expulsion of foul odour.

Ashirvad’s Air Admittance Valves have to be fitted in an upright/ vertical position, as the valve requires gravitational air pressure to operate. It also must be noted that Air Admittance Valves should be installed at least a few millimetres above the flood level of the highest water outlet or fixture in a particular room for the pressure to equalize with ease and without damage.

Although Air Admittance Valves can be sourced both inside and outside the house, it is recommended that the valves be used indoors as they are vulnerable to environmental debris, perpetual UV exposure, frosts, etc. and therefore must be installed only where it is free of any obstructions.

Additional Benefits of Air admittance Valve

Ashirvad’s Air Admittance Valves offer numerous benefits to the plumbing and drainage system. They are very easy to install and do not require a great deal of labor or external help. AAVs are also very robust and durable and are therefore protected from pests, leakages, and other complications that arise from mediocre valves. Owing to this, once mounted, it is essentially maintenance free. Its features make it truly cost effective. Ashirvad’s Air Admittance Valves are also very long lasting and once secured can last for over 30 years (5,00,000 cycles) or even until the drainage system continues to work undamaged. Compared with the traditional vent stack roof and piping system, Air Admittance Valves do not require upkeep of the roof and also use significantly fewer quantities of materials. This gives a more appealing design and flexibility in design and layout of the drainage system ventilation.

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