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Automatic Garden Watering Systems

Automatic Garden Watering Systems for a maintenance free garden. For those individuals who have time constraints, or travel a lot, it gets difficult to work towards the upkeep of their own gardens. In these instances, automatic garden watering systems are a blessing in disguise. They can be scheduled as required and are extremely essential for healthy growth of plants and other florae in one’s garden.

Benefits of Automatic Garden Watering Systems

An automatic garden watering system is ideal if one has a big size garden or plants that have different and specific needs. For instance, certain plants require more water and some need less. It also ideal to water plants early morning as it allows their roots to soak up moisture and prepare for the heat that is to come during the day. Having automatic garden watering systems frees up some precious time of an individual’s day to concentrate on other things and makes life easier. Further, these systems work extremely efficiently in terms of conserving water, even by up to 50%. The plants or the flowers grow faster, better and healthier due to appropriate watering schedules. One can even notice, that on the use of the automatic garden watering systems, even the growth of weed in gardens reduces significantly. These systems work outdoors as well as indoors by using different systems and outlets according to the designated purpose.

Automatic Garden Watering Systems

How Do They Work?

These systems have to be programmed as per an individual’s needs by use of a timer. Once these automatic garden watering systems are installed and the timers have been set, these machines get to work. In fact, one can programme the setting as per the climatic conditions of a place and the sensors on the automatic garden watering systems work accordingly. These controllers can either be attached to a watering system or it may be inbuilt in certain machines. Rain sensors or moisture sensor shutoff machines are also available that can be attached to the watering systems for automation.

Types of Automatic Garden Watering Systems

There are several types of automatic garden watering systems and other relevant products helpful for making them that are offered by Ashirvad Pipes. The types of automatic garden watering systems are, ‘Timers’, ‘Soaker Hoses’, ‘Self-Watering Containers’, ‘Indoor Drip Watering Systems’, etc. Each type has several uses and advantages. For example, ‘Timers’, which are perhaps one of the most important part of setting up automatic garden watering systems is a device that helps fix up the right schedule. These timers can be attached to the hose and prevents over watering. The length and the regularity of the watering cycles can be programmed into the timer. ‘Soaker Hoses’ are another suitable way to water the garden and can be buried underground so that the hoses are invisible. In this system, the water flows directly into the soil, keeping the chances of evaporation to the slightest. ‘Self-Watering Containers’ are also great for smaller plants like herbs, and also several types of plants can be combined together in one container. They can be kept outside the house of even attached to windows, for the sake of convenience. They also aid in the beautification of a house as they are attractive to look at.

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