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landscape irrigation system

Best quality landscape irrigation system from Kailash tubes. Landscaping is the process of beautification of an area through artistic and creative designs. Huge expenditures go into this process as it requires specific expertise and immense upkeep. Perhaps, one of the most effective ways to maintain landscapes is  an appropriate landscape irrigation system. Landscape irrigation helps maintain a healthy and aesthetical landscape and also benefits the environment.

Why is it important to have a  Landscape Irrigation System?

The objective of any good irrigation system is to provide sufficient amount of water to plants. At the same time, the system must also be effective to reduce excessive water wastage. Some common ways in which water can get wasted are runoff, evaporation, under watering and over watering. It can also get extremely exhausting to tug around water hoses physically. There are possibilities of water not being distributed evenly across the landscapes which can be unhealthy and harmful to the beauty of the setting. A sign of such unhealthy lawns would be sagging and lifeless plants and flowers as also discoloration of grass. An evenly watered lawn is also more resilient to pests and other nuisances.

landscape irrigation system

Types of Landscape Irrigation Systems

There are several types of landscape irrigation systems. Ashirvad Pipes offers a range of products that aid in the installation and erection of these irrigation systems. The most popular types of landscape irrigation systems are ‘Micro-Irrigation System’, ‘Rotary Sprinkler’, ‘Flood System’, ‘Spray Irrigation System’, etc. The most effective and popular type of landscape irrigation system for water conservation and efficiency in performance is ‘Micro-Irrigation’. Some types of this system are:

– Sprinklers

One of the most popular irrigation methods are using sprinklers. They are ideal landscape irrigation systems as they can be mounted as well as moved around. Settings of these sprinklers can be adjusted periodically. They help reduce the amount of time required for the irrigation operation as several sprinkler heads are spaced out throughout lawns.

– Drip Irrigation

Areas that are smaller in dimension are more suited to fit the drip irrigation method as their installation is rather cheap and requires minimal maintenance. The water flows with little pressure through emitters or spray heads and applies to the soil gradually. Even though the running period of this landscape irrigation is longer, due to proper water application, there is significantly lesser evaporation and run off than in traditional methods of irrigation.

– Soaker Hoses

These are a cheaper alternative to the drip irrigation system and works well in places where plants are bundled together in one area. However, they may not work as effectively with spaces that have their plants and other florae far apart.

Installation And Backflow Prevention of a landscape irrigation system

After the planting is complete, landscape irrigation systems are laid out, which include mounting of emitters and tubing. The design of the system is generally based on the type of soils and plants one has in their lawns. Sub-surface drips, which are newer in the market, are also being recommended oft times as they can effectively irrigate any shape of lawn. Correct installation of landscape irrigation systems can prevent backflow. Backflow preventers can also be installed to prevent waters from running in the opposite direction.

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