Pex Pipe

Pex pipe

What is a Pex pipe and what are its benefits? In a society continually fixated with convenience and affordability, rising costs of material and labour have given rise to innovation. Perhaps, the biggest transformation brought about in plumbing systems and fitting methods is the PEX pipe. Uponor, one of the leading developers of PEX pipes worldwide assures of the benefits of this system and offers economical, durable and reliable products that stay put for years.

What is a PEX Pipe?

An acronym for crosslinked polyethylene, PEX pipes are made of plastic material. They are possibly one of the most advanced tubing systems in present times. A PEX pipe has immense robustness, is easy to install and lasts for more 20 years. The material is made up of ‘criss-crossed patterns’ that helps maintain its permanency. An important feature is the fact that they are lightweight and are more practicable to work with than any other plumbing product. They provide superior heat resistance and can also be used in numerous systems apart from plumbing, making it a versatile and an efficacious product. Uponor offers some of the finest range of PEX pipes and has been instrumental in introducing some of the best plumbing solutions in recent times.

PEX Pipe

Features of PEX Pipe Tubing

Uponor systems use the PEX-a tubing that has the highest level of constant cross-linking which produces PEX pipes that are of superlative quality. These pipes are highly expandable and can enlarge to approximately thrice their original size. This offers prospective freeze resistance and protection from damage. The elastic feature inherent in these pipes aid them retract to its original shape and diameter. Further, due the nature and the internal thermal memory of these PEX pipes they are highly leak resistant and have the ability to be repaired from accidental bends and kinks.

Fitting of PEX Pipe Tubing

Due to the expansive feature of a PEX pipe, large diameter fittings can be utilised which assists in increasing the flow rates. Uponor’s ProPEX fitting comes in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 3” hence being able to suffice different needs and necessities. The fittings can be connected well with various tools and are extremely handy and easy to install, preventing unnecessary labour expenditures. Even the Uponor fitting rings are easy to fix on these PEX pipes and are as inexpensive as they come. It is noteworthy that ProPEX connections only get stronger over time which makes them exceedingly reliable and resilient.

PEX Pipes vs Copper and CPVC

PEX pipes are growing at lightning speed in popularity for residential and industrial plumbing as the best alternative to copper pipes and CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes. At the very outset, PEX pipes are much cheaper compared to copper pipes costing at least 25% less on an average. They are faster to install and can be fixed without making unnecessary labour expenses. PEX pipes also, would not corrode like copper ones and even remains unaffected by acidic water. As regards to the CPVC, a PEX pipe is much more flexible and can be adjusted when necessary. They are also freeze resistant and are less probable to rupture or burst.

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