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WC PAN Connectors


Faster Plumbing Leak-Proof Joints

  • Moulded in high grade engineered Plastic
  • Simple Pushfit assembly
  • Flexible and self adjusting for slight movement
  • Leak and odour proof
  • Cost effective and maintenance free
  • Available in straight, offset and collapsible
  • Connects with different material
  • Re-usable and aesthetic appeal
  • Individually packed with lubricant and instruction manual

Air Admittance Valves

Air admittance Valves can be used in waste water pipes following the acknowledged rules of technology to reduce negative pressure. In line with the harmonisation of waste water standards at European and national level, the installation recommendations are contained in DIN EN 10256-2 and DIN 1986-100. Air admittance valves can also be installed in deviation from the recommendations if when installing waste water systems certain structural requirements need to be taken into consideration.

Promastop Fire Collars

Promastop Fire Collars


Riding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, we are engaged in offering a broad assortment of Promastop Fire Collars.


Prevents Fire From Spreading:

  • Strip molded with grafitex intumescent technology
  • Tested with many types of plastics
  • 4 hours fire resistance level
  • One-size-fits-all pipe diameters concept
  • Easy to use dispenser
  • Unique patented cut-to-length strip
  • Single ordered component
  • Provided with acrylic sealant

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