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Radiant cooling systems are an innovative way of attaining comfort conditions inside a space engaging temperature controlled surface that cools the internal temperatures of a house or room by regulating heat levels within. With the radiant cooling system, heat is made to flow from objects, occupants and every other thing within the vicinity of the cooled surfaces, as long as their temperatures are higher than that of the cooled surfaces.

Basically, these systems are a reverse application of radiant heating systems in functionality and methodology used to achieve the desired and intended results.

A brief history of Radiant Cooling Systems

The radiant cooling systems can be traced to ancient systems decades ago. A greater part of its technology and design can be likened and owed to the practical existence and inspiration of similar systems in the ancient days. These ancient designs inspired what we see today, in the 21st century, is widely used in homes and even commercial apartments around the world which in turn have formed a vital part of the environmentally sustainable design.

What comprises the systems design?

Cold water is used as medium in radiant cooling systems, the cooling is facilitated by cold water running inside a special tubing embedded in the surfaces to be cooled. The average water temperature in the radiant cooling systems is usually recommended to be 4-6 degrees Celsius below the preferred indoor climate temperature. Heat is regulated or removed by the water flowing through a hydronic system which in turn replaces the warm water with the cooler water.

radiant cooling systems

Types of Radiant Cooling Systems

Amidst all the modern technology available, there are two basic types of Radiant Cooling Systems. The first major and basic type is the system that that does cooling through the building structure, especially the slabs, these systems are also called Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS).

The second type of radiant cooling systems is special false ceiling cooling panels which provide flexibility and retrofit needs. The radiant cooling systems that use slabs are generically cheaper than the ones using panels with a great merit of thermal mass as compared to the panel system which is faster in temperature regulation and flexibility.

Why Radiant Cooling Systems?

One reason to consider these systems over others is the fact that they offer lower energy consumption as compared to other conventional cooling systems available. The radiant cooling systems energy savings have been experienced up to 30%, even though this relies heavily on the climate at a particular time. The most heated climates offer the greatest merit for the radiant cooling system because the largest proportion of cooling is by removing sensible heat and it is achieved by using much elevated temperatures of cold water.Much energy is also saved due to reduced amount of energy required to pump water as compared to distribution of cooled air with fans. It is also confirmed that radiant cooling systems offer lower initial costs due to structural integration, lower lifecycle cost, decreased maintenance, better thermal comfort, better indoor air quality and environment, in comparison to other conventional systems.


With the radiant cooling systems, no need to have any other solution thought of to cool the indoor temperatures. Even though it might just require a little more planning to install as compared to the other conventional cooling methods, these kind of cooling systems have proved cheaper through the continuous lower energy consumption.

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