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Uponor Radiant Cooling and Heating System

Innovative, sustainable and cost effective

Uponor Radiant Cooling and Heating System uses the thermal mass of the concrete structure of a building by installing pipes which can transport heating and cooling water. Ceilings, floor and walls will be used for cooling and contributing to the basic heat load of the building. The inserted pipes utilize the concrete mass to store and exchange thermal energy. 

Uponor Contec is not an air-conditioning system and does not replace a proper ventilation system. But as basic loads can be handled, Uponor Contec reduces the conventional conditioning systems to a minimum and enables a perfect and productive indoor climate. It is invisible, noiseless and without any draught. The operating temperature of the system is close to the ambient temperature. Thus Uponor Contec can be ideally combined with renewable energy sources.

As a total Uponor Contec is cost efficient due to lower investment and maintenance costs. Savings can be achieved during the construction phase and during the service lifetime of the building – a contribution to sustainability.


Uponor Underfloor Heating & Cooling


Radiant Cooling and Heating System

Ceiling Cooling and Heating System

Ceiling Cooling and Heating System

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