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Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating for energy efficient home or office heating. Radiant heating systems provide heat directly to the surface beneath, above or on the sides of the house. It is proved scientifically that there is a connection between cold feet and insomnia. Many people have shared their experiences of staying awake till their feet heat up no matter how long it will take.

The radiant floor heating system is a technology that exists to help eliminate such insomnia like situations. This system largely relies on strong radiant heat transfer, the transporting of heat directly from the source, hot surface to the entire room and people in it.

Brief history of Radiant Floor Heating

The Radiant Floor Heating system can be thought of being so modern by many even though it can be traced back many centuries ago. It has been a practice of heating people’s living rooms and spaces via the heat radiating through the floors. History has credited the Romans with being the first ones to take advantage of this system; however, more evidence has emerged to link it as to have been used in Korea and China earlier. For example, The Chinese Kang; meant heated bed as well as Dikang that meant heated floor.

Types of Floor Heating System

The radiant floor heating system can be put into three groups;

Ø The hydronic/water radiant floor heating, where water is the heat carrying medium.

Ø Radiant Air Floor heating, where the air is the medium that carries the heat.
Ø Electric radiant floor heating; when electricity with resistance produces heat.

radiant floor heating

How does Radiant Floor Heating work?

In Uponor floor heating system, specialized plastic pipes that are flexible are used to flow warm water fitted underneath or within the floor screed. These special pipes are called (Cross linked Polyethylene) PEX. Their main purpose is to take warm water to specific places in the rooms or house to efficiently and effectively heat people and every other object intended in every reachable corner of the house, this happens by the process called radiation.

For efficiency, this floor heating system includes pumps, heat source, controls, and manifolds. The heat source is always a boiler or in some cases a hot water heater, this does not mean these two are the only heat sources though.

The biggest advantage of the radiant floor system is that it is designed in zones which therefore gives you the opportunity to change or vary temperatures in the different rooms or floors as per your preferences. This attribute makes the system energy saving and energy efficient, simply because unused rooms can have as low temperatures as possible as compared to rooms in active use.

The Radiant Floor Heating system is energy efficient and luxurious way which is affordable a solution to home comfort.

Merits of Radiant Floor Heating

It is Energy efficient;

This is ensured in the sense that heat is provided from the floor up for consistent and efficient warmth.

It is effortless to run;

It needs almost no maintenance after installing and comes with a proven guarantee of 50 years. This gives you absolute peace of mind.

Suitable for all floor coverings;

Radiant Floor Heating system does not limit you to a specific type of floor. It gives you the freedom to have your best house design. It will work well on wood, tile, stone, carpets and much more.


The Radiant Floor heating system has helped solve the issues of cold rooms that are usually uncomfortable by making those very rooms aliveable regardless of the external weather. The rooms will remain comfortable. For more information, please get in touch with us!

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