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radiant heating systems

Opex saving radiant heating systems from Uponor. Radiant heating systems are systems that supply heat straight to the floor or panels in the ceilings and walls of a house or room. The transfer of heat straight from the heated surface or place to the required places or people within the room or house through the infrared radiation. Through radiation and convection, radiant heating systems basically exchange heat with the immediate environments thereby having temperatures controlled to achieve the desired results.

The invention of the Radiant Heating Systems

Thank the heavens for technology. Decades ago, all you could get was a fire in the fireplace; this was quite risky; waking up to a burned hut in the middle of the night or a corpse due to smoke inhalation.

These systems are the modern replacement of the fireplaces. The Romans are credited as one of the early humans to have started this technology back then.
Radiant Heating Systems can be installed and used in museums, residential, commercial and every type of building.

How do Radiant Heating Systems work?

This radiant heating system has warm water flowing through specialized plastic pipes that are fitted underneath the surface within the floors, ceilings, and walls plus other appropriate surfaces available. The plastic tubes are called PEX (Cross linked Polyethylene); these pipes are the ones tasked with carrying warm water to those specific surfaces in the rooms or the entire house to heat people or even objects.

radiant heating systems

These systems, unlike most traditional heating systems, does not only heat or warm the air, radiant heating systems heat the entire surfaces connected plus the objects in contact with those surfaces at the same time. The radiant heating systems distribute the heat evenly and consistently.

Pros of Radiant Heating Systems

First of all, these systems are more efficient as compared to the other systems. It is usually very efficient as compared to the forced air heating.Individuals with allergies are often favoured with radiant heating systems because it hinders the spread of allergens as compared to what forced air systems.

Radiant Heating Systems can use a wide variety of energy sources to heat the water which includes oil-fired boilers, wood-fired boilers, solar water heaters or to an extent a combination of all these. This, therefore, means, even in areas where there is no electricity, these systems can function or better still be able to minimize the electricity bills. Better still, where electricity costs are too high, with the alternative sources of energy, radiant heating systems will still be effective.

The technology is commendable; it has also made life easy even where the temperatures get too low due to changing times or seasons.


This system gives comfortable temperatures in the room or houses as per the desire of the occupants of that house. It is more cost-effective as compared to many other heating methods. It saves energy to a greater margin too. For more product information, please contact us.

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