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Uponior Varicool Opti Y –

The Lamellae cooling system for maximum cooling capacity

Our experience, your added value

Uponor Energy Solutions offer integrated concepts for energy solutions and support non-residential
construction projects in all project phases starting with initial design up to building utilisation.
The solutions for building temperature control, energy supply and energy distribution ensure the most
comfortable climate in living and work areas. They also optimise costs and contribute to reducing energy
consumption and CO2 emissions for sustaining a comfortable living environment.
You will receive an energy-effi cient building tailored to your needs with virtually no maintenance and low
operating costs – a building that offers its users an optimum and comfortable working environment all
year round.
Solutions from Uponor Energy Solutions stand for excellent quality and ensure easy integration into the
construction process. We provide safe and efficient installation technologies for heating/cooling and for the installation of potable water which guarantee the long-term, sustainable and trouble free operation of your building – all at low maintenance costs.


  • Energy efficient and sustainable solutions High comfort for an optimum working environment
  • Easy integration of the systems into the building process
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Technical support starting with the initial design up to installation and building utilisation


1. Feasibility analysis

Based on the customer’s individual requirements in terms of efficiency, sustainability and energy efficiency, we provide targeted advice with respect to the most appropriate solutions for a building


3. Technical planning

We transform ideas into technical implementation, taking into account all relevant data and the applicable standards. Our Uponor planning experts, who manage your specific project, have many years of experience.

4. Installation and project management

We support your project team in planning, organization and in the management of resources. In close cooperation with neighbouring trades we provide for an optimum flow of materials and efficient and trouble-free installation.


5. Commissioning and handover

The systems undergo extensive testing and are commissioned by us before they are handed over to you.


6. Customer services

To ensure long-term system availability, we offer professional inspections and maintenance along with quality control using modern testing techniques, such as thermographs, flow measurements and water quality analysis.

thermo diagram


The VARICOOL Opti Y high performance cooling elements are made of extruded aluminium sections (lamellae) with integrated pipe routing. Several parallel lamellae are factory-fitted with a copper serpentine pipework and interconnected. The elements can be easily suspended with threaded rods through slots in the U-mounting rail. The elements can be brought into exact position via a suitable support structure. The elements mounted to the ceiling can be connected by means of flexible and oxygen diffusion tight connection tubes, which can be plugged together and connected to the power supply.


Several parallel lamellae with front end plates form a ceiling module which can be fixed with adjustable
hangers to the ceiling. These modules are installed for example above air permeable ceilings. Heating/cooling modules with diagonally mounted heat conducting lamellae (45 °angle) can be implemented as an option.

Water Volumes

The circulating water volume (mass flow) required for heating and cooling is calculated from
the surface area-related capacity q and the desired temperature difference αS between the forward
and return flow (spread). The amount of water is usually determined based on the following relationship when planning the cooling capacity of a cooling water temperature of approx. 16 ° C and a spread of 3 or 4 Kelvin



Building temperature control, energy supply and power generation with Uponor Energy Solutions everything under one-roof

Building temperature control 

Uponor Energy Solutions surface systems, such as heating and
cooling ceilings and concrete core temperature control are established technologies for regulating room
temperature and have been a market leader for more than 50 years. The numerous technical developments have made us a pioneer in the field of advanced building system technology.

Power generation
As an ideal basis for the sustainable, ecological and highly economical supply of commercial real estate with thermal energy, Uponor Energy Solutions have many years of know-how in the use of geothermal
probes, energy piles, ground heat collectors and geothermal groundwater wells.

Energy supply
For commercial buildings, we have developed a large geothermal heat pump, as a ready for connection power station with its own integrated hydraulic system:

The multifunctional heat pump simultaneously produces heating and cooling energy as needed and
is manufactured according to individual requirements in modular design ready for connection.


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