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Competence from the pioneers of plastic – the results of more than 4 decades of experience

Entirely designed to make the installation work as easy as possible, the flexible Uponor PE-Xa system is the ideal solution for installation tasks in the field of potable water and heating installation systems.

Uponor’s PEX system features PE-Xa pipes in coils or straight length, pipes in conduits, fittings made of PPSU, thread fittings made of brass, manifolds and an extensive range of accessories. Moreover, a tool which will become your secret weapon on the building site. With over 4 billion meters of Uponor Pe-Xa pipe installed in the world since 1972, Uponor has set a record that tells its own tale.

Temperature and pressure resistant through cross-linking PE-X is an acronym for cross-linked polyethylene, with the molecular chains of the polyethylene being linked into a three-dimensional network making it more durable within a wide range of temperatures and pressures for which previously only metal pipes were appropriate. The cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa tubing is available in practical dimensions from 16 mm to 110 mm, both with and without insulation and in protective conduit, as well as pressure rating PN6 and PN10.


Your benefits

Lightweight and flexible – perfect for modern building designs such as shear-walls No corrosion or sediment build-up Good resistance to chemical-dissolving agents Low pipe roughness meaning less friction and pressure loss Shock-absorbing reducing water hammer by 30% Durable material which is not affected by high flow velocities or low pH-valued water.

Largely resistant to stress crack formation Resists condensation on cold-water lines Life expectancy well over 50 years* Available in coils for easy transportation and handling or straight lengths in dimensions up to 110 mm, optionally in PN6 or PN10

Available as pipe in conduit Cross-linked molecule structure of PE-Xa pipes. Molecule structure of  unlinked
polyethylene pipes.

* Acc. to long-term tests run by Studvik in Sweden and BASF in Germany from 1973 to 2009 at 95°C/175 psi.

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Standard specifications




  • Quick & Easy Reliable connections can be done within seconds saving time and installation cost Safe & clean installation
  • No solder, torches or messy fluxes and solvents required. Corrosion-Free
  • No scale or corrosion build up means clearand clean water
  • Cost-effective – Flexible piping manifold options for optimised material usage and fewer connections reducing potential leak liability, system and maintenance costs
  • Healthy & quiet alternative
  • All installations feature low pipe noise and water hammer
  • Reliable & secure – Uponor Q&E is a watertight jointing system that only gets tighter with time minimising the cost of re-work or maintenance.
  • Higher Flow Rates – Unique fitting design gives 30 % higher flow rates throughout the system and reduces pressure drop 10 year system warranty.
  • If Uponor pipe and complimentary fittings are used Plastic material eliminates theft concerns


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Uponor Quick & Easy fittings The Uponor Q&E fitting is a tried and tested concept with over 500 million fittings already sold
worldwide. The jointing concept relies on the unique elastic features of Uponor Pe-Xa pipe to give a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself. Uponor Q&E cold-expansion fittings make solid, permanent, manufactured connections without the need for torches, glues, solder, flux or Wipex™ for dimensions up to 110 mm Manufactured from dezincifi cationresistant (DZR) brass, Uponor PE-Xa clamp connection fittings WIPEX™ are specifi cally designed for connecting Uponor PE-X a tubing from 25 mm to 110 mm external pipe diameter. WIPEX™ fi ttings feature an eccentric outer sleeve — for easier grip and an even force when inserting the tubing — and an inner sleeve with a threaded profi le and O-ring to ensure a secure, tight seal. WIPEX™ fitting connections can be done in few simple steps without the need for special tools gauges. The unique shape memory of Uponor Pe-Xa piping forms a tight seal around the fitting creating a strong reliable connection within seconds! Uponor Q&E fittings are available in a range of high-performance plastic polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) and threaded brass fittings (DZR and non-DZR) for pipe dimensions up to 63 mm. Uponor PE-Xa pipe may also be used with Uponor‘s range of compression fittings.



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