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Solutions for plumbing, radiant heating and cooling and local heat distribution from Uponor



Uponor is a leading international provider of plastic based piping systems for buildings and infrastructure.

We provide safe drinking water delivery systems, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure solutions.

We are committed to sustainability and solutions that enrich people’s way of life.

This is how we build confidence.

For developers, installers, architects and consultants there is one reliable partner when it comes to heating systems such as under floor heating or radiator connection. Uponor offers comfortable solutions for water underfloor heating which include all elements needed such as from the supply lines, underfloor heating manifold, pipe systems up to heating controls.

Our innovative products ease the way of installation for plumbing with our composite pipe or PEX pipe which include all needed metal fittings and plastic pipe fittings up to the needed accessories and tools. Our pre insulated pipe systems connect different buildings and supply the needed infrastructure for environmental friendly solutions ideally in combination with under floor heating. You see Uponor has to offer a lot besides underfloor heating systems.


They have a long service life and comply with highest quality and hygiene standards. They contribute to the responsible use of water resources, enhance the quality of life and make sure that energy is used efficiently in all places. Uponor see themselves as a partner of specialist installers, designers, investors and end costumers. The Uponor experts will be happy to answer all of your questions on the product portfolio or the service range.


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Uponor is a listed company with its head office in Vantaa, Finland and has existed for nearly one-hundred years. Uponor is a leading global provider of systems and solutions in the fields of hygienic drinking water delivery, energy-efficient heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure. The company is active in a variety of markets in the construction sector, –from residential and commercial construction to industry and civil engineering. Uponor products are available to customers in over 100 countries. They provide hygienically safe drinking water as well as energy-efficient heating and cooling. The company has committed itself to sustainability and the goal of making people’s lives more pleasant.

Uponor India products


Heating, cooling, plumbing and infrastructure solutions

The World’s First, Best and Most Widely Used PEX Systems


Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems


Radiant cooling systems




Uponor India brings you the following advantages with every installation


  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Customised complete systems for each application (e.g. Uponor India Smart underfloor heating system)
  • The perfect solution for every building type
  • Quick and easy installation, even in old buildings
  • Easy to retrofit thanks to low structure height of underfloor heating


Uponor India has found solutions for using renewable energies or waste heat from industrial production processes in order to save costs.


Hygiene, comfort and energy efficiency for every building

Every building is different in terms of layout, design and use. The solutions from Uponor for energy management, heating, plumbing and air conditioning are as individual as the buildings themselves.

Many people spend most of their day in office buildings. A pleasant room temperature is an important element in enabling them to work efficiently. Uponor is aware of how heating and cooling solutions play a key role here at Uponor India


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