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The Strength of Uponor Pe-xa PPSU

Uponor PPSU fi ttings are made from polyphenylsulfone, a polymer that has been used successfully in the demanding environments of medical appliances, aerospace and plumbing for many years. In fact, labtests prove Uponor’s 63 mm PPSU Tee is able to withstand up to 1300 kg of spreading force without


Features of Uponor Pe-Xa

Highest cross-linking of up to 85%
Most flexible
Smallest bend radius
Least likely to kink
Thermal memory
Shape memory
Highest degree of crosslinking
Greater resistance to crack propagation
Enhanced resistance to chemical-dissolving agents


Our hot crosslinking method makes PEX-a more diffi cult to kink than PEX-b or PEX-c. However, even when incidental kinks occur, they can be easily repaired with a heat gun (if conducted as recommended by Uponor), with no reduction in the designed service life of the tubing. Uponor PE-Xa is engineered to withstand kinks — it will not burst.



Tried, tested and certified

Depending on the production method, the degree of cross-linking in polyethylene (PEX) tubing varies. The standard EN ISO 15875 specifies the designation of cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX) based on its manufacturing process and the minimum level of cross-linking as follows:

We have produced enough PE-Xa pipes since 1972 to go around the world about 50 times. Nearly all of it is still in service somewhere in the world, in plumbing, underfloor heating systems, behind washing
machines, in hospitals and in countless other applications, particularly in industry. During that time our pipe has been tested, approved and certified in numerous countries for everything from cleanness to strength gaining over 80 approvals worldwide. But for us, the fi nal proof is still that we fulfil our customers high requirements and expectations.

uponor PEXA pipes
Pipe in pipe

Uponor Pipe-in-Pipe System

Leak protection Although a properly installed Uponor system is secure from leakage, there may be occasions when extra precautions against damage to the construction of a building from leakage is required. Uponor Pipe-in-Pipe allows the pipe to be withdrawn and replaced particularly in solid floors or walls. Any leakage is retained within the conduit and can be detected. Easy renovation In addition, in a concealed pipe run without any T-joints, an accidentally damaged section of pipe can be withdrawn and replaced whilst minimizing structural damage.