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Water hammer arrestor

Water Hammer Arrestor to maintain the health of piping systems. Old piping systems can frequently cause a water hammer or a hydraulic shock that results in incessant and unwanted noise. This thumping sound is not only bothersome but the intense pressure can also cause severe problems like pipe collapse, sonorous noise, damage valves and might also cause flooding. In order to make sure that the constant hammering and vibration does not cause severe destruction to the plumbing system, installing a water hammer arrestor can be the best solution. Ashirvad’s Water Hammer Arrestor offers the perfect solution to fix the water hammer predicament.

What Is A Water Hammer Arrestor?

Ashirvad’s Water Hammer Arrestor is a hydro-pneumatic device that when installed between the pipe valves and a machine, absorbs the shock from water pressure created due to a sudden closing of valve due to a large and speedy inflow of water. Water Hammer Arrestors not only help in solving the issue of closing valves but also regulate the water velocity. Ashirvad’s Water Hammer Arrestors have the machinery that use a layer of airtight air or gas that reduces the current of water and absorbs the shock, quashing the jolt of the momentum.

Water Hammer Arrestor


Ashirvad’s offers Water Hammer Arrestors that are virtually maintenance free and absolutely easy to install. They are also the easiest and uncomplicated way to get rid of a water hammer problem. The water hammer arrestor is used in various appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, faucets, flush, cisterns, etc. and can be utilized for both hot and cold outlets. They are very cost-efficient and economical and therefore can be easily installed by anybody.

Types Of Water Hammer Arrestor

Ashirvad’s Water Hammer Arrestors can be used in both commercial and residential appliances and come in various materials like bronze or stainless steel. The common types of Water Hammer Arrestors include male sweat (soldered) and male threaded (compression). For residential purposes, Single Chamber, Mini End Stop, and Horse Bib Style Water Hammer Arrestors are commonly used, each falling within different price ranges and customized for diverse functions. Different models also cater to different pressure requirements, temperature ranges, and water velocity. The Water Hammer Arrestors can also be with or without pistons.

Depending on the construction of the Water Hammer Arrestors, the product differs in durability, maintenance, replacements and requirements.


Water Hammer Arrestors are fit in specific locations, particularly as close to the quick closing valve, within the piping systems for maximum efficiency. They can be fixed in concealed locations and can also be mounted inside a wall without using access panels, especially if stainless steel. However, arrestors with pistons require an access panel due to some maintenance. Ashirvad’s Water Hammer Arrestors are highly adjustable and can be effortlessly attached since they have a screw-on assembly. They are also convenient as they can be rotated and positioned horizontally, vertically or in any angle due to their secure chambers. Ashirvad’s Water Hammer Arrestors can be installed both in new and already existing plumbing systems and will facilitate an additionally secure and anchored pipe structure

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