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zent frenger varicool design specification

Varicool Carbon A energy solutions by Zent Frenger.

Sustainable to peak performances: The metal cooling ceiling with graphite activation

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As one of the leading suppliers of heating and cooling ceilings and as a specialist for solutions tailor-made
to customer requirements in the fields of building temperature control, energy provision and energy generation, Zent-Frenger Energy Solutions completes the range of products and services of the Uponor Group. Founded in 1954, Zent-Frenger GmbH produces cooling system systems for sheet steel, aluminum and plasterboard ceilings as well as building elements for silent cooling at our Heppenheim site. The Geothermal Competence Center supplements the range of products with highefficiency GEOZENT energy plants and know-how for the economic utilization of geothermal energy. Zent-Frenger Energy Solutions supports planners and developers from the idea to the complete turnkey solution:

zent frenger varicool specification


Varicool Carbon A for closed metal ceilings

System description / fields of application

Your plus
Architecturally attractive ceiling surfaces Highest heating and cooling output through highly thermal conductive expanded natural graphite as a thermal conducting element. Combination of thermally active and passive ceiling areas possible Suitable especially for areas with very high thermal loads Optimally suitable for renewable energy sources, through higher system temperatures in the cooling mode or lower system temperatures in heating mode Combination with lights of different designs as well as other ceiling installations and superstructures such as sprinklers is possible without problems Up to 20% less activation area compared to conventional cooling ceilings and thus reduced system costs.


VARICOOL Carbon A is a waterbased high-performance heating and cooling ceiling system in which the
heating / cooling coil consists of pipes that are embedded in a matrix of expanded natural graphite and are securely connected with the ceiling paneling. The system functions predominantly in accordance with
the radiation principle that offers high room comfort, optimum energy efficiency and draft -free feel-good climate. Glare-free illumination of the room is possible by means of indirect illumination via the reflecting
ceiling surface. The ceiling system is characterized by a wide range of application and design possibilities. It is used particularly in office and administrative building, in sales outlets, in training and conference rooms with high thermal loads.

zent frenger varicool design specification


Heating / cooling coils through which either cold water (cooling) or hot water (heating) circulates are located above the visible ceiling panel. The coils consist of high quality machine-made copper tube meanders that are completely embedded in a matrix of highly thermally conductive expanded natural graphite. The connection between the coils and the ceiling paneling is effected through permanent bonding. After being fastened to the ceiling the individual heating / cooling coils are connectedhydraulically to each other into groups. Flexible hoses are used in the process. The coil groups are in turn connected to the distribution network and are hydraulically balanced with each other.
The heating and cooling coils from expanded natural graphite are bonded into the ceiling paneling.

Ceiling design

Individual ceiling designs customized to the respective building project require an optimized ceiling mounting structure. Therefore, different fastening systems for mounting the VARICOOL Carbon A heating /cooling ceilings are available depending on the respective building specifications

Strip Grid system

The ceiling elements are aligned to the building grid through the strip grid system. This makes it possible
to insert light partition walls or sound insulation bulkheads – even afterwards – in the structure grid size without destroying the ceiling appearance. In this process spacers between the elements and the strip grid system ensure a uniform joint appearance.zent frenger varicool technical strip grid specificationCeiling Panels

In order to achieve good room acoustics in small rooms, but in particular in large rooms, the ceiling panels must have acoustical properties. Therefore the ceiling panel is usually equipped with a perforation and with an acoustic fleece on the rear. Depending on the ceiling design different perforation variants can be selected – see the perforation examples on the right.

zent frenger varicool ceiling panels specification

Planning & Design

The cooling and heating output values under standard conditions can be taken from the output
diagram. The output is read Heating / cooling output system VARICOOL Carbon A (execution with sheet
steel) according to DIN EN 14240 or respectively DIN EN 14037 depending on the temperature difference between the mean water temperature and the room temperature.

zent frenger varicool heating cooling diagram


zent frenger varicool technical specification

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