Check Valve With Metallic Shutter

Once installed in the hydraulic circuit, the EUROSTOP valve allows the circulation of fluid in the direction established by the check device only and prevent the fluid from flowing in the opposite direction. The Spring shutter rises, opening the valve at a pressure of about 25 mbar.

It adapts to any type of heating / cooling and plumbing system, with application in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

When used as in anti-pollution valve, it prevents the aqueduct network from being polluted by the accidental return of contaminated fluid from the downstream system (UTILITIES), due to pressure variations in the distribution network.

The check valve, installed between the public network and the user network in water distribution systems, prevents contact between the waters contained in the two networks, by closing automatically if backflow occurs.


  • - Guarantees perfect hydraulic sealing against even slight pressure variations in the circuit
  • - Metallic shutter
  • - Can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions