Viega Speed Press

Viega Speed Press

Safe and Easy Installation

Viega speedpress is a flexible system of plastic piping. Thanks to the new hand press tool, connections can now be carried out without a power connection or adhesive. Both flexible polymer as well as metal polymer composite pipes are fully suitable for hot and cold water plumbing applications. Pipe coils enable easy transport and storage.

The PPSU and Brass connectors are available in dimensions from 16mm to 25mm. larger dimensions from 32mm to 63mm are covered by Viega Smartpress. The Viega Speedpress connectors have an extended window offering better control and safety during pressing. All Viega press connectors feature SC-Contour. It ensures that inadvertently unpressed connections are noticed immediately during a leakage test by visible water leaking or pressure drop occurring at the manometer. The unpressed connections can then be pressed immediately to avoid later water damage and reworking.


  • - Faster and flexible installation
  • - Safety of SC contour
  • - No power required
  • - Connects In 3 easy steps
  • - Easy to carry as comes in coil form.